All of our instructors here at Karate Team USA are homegrown and dedicated to the practice of Karate. Our instructors and assistant instructors have many years of Karate experience and students and teachers or Shorin Ryu Karate. Through the practice of traditional Okinawan Karate, we strive to teach the most important lessons of Karate: respect, perseverance, humility and honor.
Sensei Rodriguez


Sensei Andrew Rodriguez has studied Kobayashi Shorin-Ryu Karate for most of his life. He began as a student at Karate Team USA- Millbrae in 1990, where he reached third degree black belt (San Dan) under Sensei Martinez and Master Reyes. In 2001 Sensei Rodriguez also achieved a black belt in Matsubayashi Shorin- Ryu.  In addition to Karate, he has also trained in several other Martial Arts including: Aikido, Aiedo, JiuJitsu, and Muay Thai. Sensei Rodriguez believes in using the Martial Arts to strengthen ones body, mind and spirit. He has been teaching Martial Arts to children and adults for over 17 years.

Sensei Anthony Siguido


Sensei Anthony Siguido began his martial arts career as a student at Karate USA- Millbrae 2 decades ago under Sensei Martinez and Master Reyes. He is a second degree black belt (Ni Dan) in Shorin Ryu Karate as well as having studied various other martial arts including Kickboxing, Boxing, and Grappling. He has taught martial arts at several locations for the past 10 years.

Sensei Dave Prudenciado

Sensei David Prudenciado is a San Dan (3rd degree black belt) in Okinawa Shorin Ryu Karate Do. He has been a practitioner of traditional Okinawan Martial Arts for over 30 years, with our founder Shihan (Master) Tony Reyes as his most notable teacher in the United States . Prudenciado Sensei has studied and instructed at Karate Team USA and its prior schools for over 25 years. Additional training in Enshin Karate, Kyokushinkai Karate, Kodokan Judo and Muay Thai has provided him with invaluable insight into the various applications of Martial Arts. Prudenciado Sensei's life strives to reflect the four H's: Honor, Hard Work, Humbleness and most of all, Heart.

Sensei Khay Hembrador

Khay began her training in Tae Kwon Do and came up through the ranks of Karate USA, Geneva as a teen. She has approximatly seven years of assisting and teaching both Shorin Ryu Karate and Kickboxing for children, teens, and adults. After Khay received her 3rd degree brown belt (Ikkyu), she decided to take her classes into a more fitness - focused direction. She became certified for the TurboKick program and has, since then, created her own variable workout routines. Khay strives to achieve an affordable fitness-focused kickboxing class for ladies, by using the correct form and technique borrowed from her martial arts knowledge.